Noun | nav-i-ga-tors | age: 3 - 5 years | a.k.a. pre-kindergarten

Navigators are exploring their world with a keen sense of direction. They are purposeful and action oriented, not stopping until they achieve their goals.

At Kepler Academy, we are rooted in the belief that children are full of possibilities and potential with the ability to gain knowledge through all areas of development. As children advance, we seek to give them direction.

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Our preschoolers follow our Kepler Curriculum and lesson plans, that include small group projects, art and science activities, storytelling, letters, numbers, colours, shapes, weather, dates learning, and writing.

Their daily activities include free play, outdoor play, bathroom routine, lunch, snack, Storytime, nap and quiet time. Caregivers will encourage developing friendships, allow children to attempt new things, explore different ways to express their feelings and focus on positive ways of honesty, generosity, patience and caring for others. Children will explore the environment to learn how things work, be introduced to gardening, nature, using technology and more complex materials.

By the end of their Navigators Journey, children will add 3 more badges to their collection:Name Recognition, Scissors handling and Reading.

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Our goal is to teach children how to recognize their name and grow their vocabulary and thought process.

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Kepler Navigators will create open ended art activities with pain, scissors, glue, paper, loose parts, clay, and more.

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Children will be introduced to letters, sentences and questions, using books, stories, songs, music, alphabet cards and sand paper letters, promoting their reading and writing skills.